Fall 2017 Important Dates

June 1st - Fall Registration Begins

August 21st - Open House

August 28th - Fall Classes Begin

September 4th - Labor Day, Studio Closed

October 31st - Halloween, Studio Closed

November 22nd-26th - Thanksgiving Break, Studio Closed

December 1st - Spring Registration Begins; Fall Cabaret Dress Rehearsal, 4:30pm-7:30pm

December 2nd - Fall Cabaret Performance, 7:00pm @ the Congregational United Church of Christ

December 5th - Jones Elementary Afterschool Learning Performance, 3:30pm

December 16th - Last Day of Fall Classes

January 19th-20th - Fall/Winter Junior Musical Production

February 2nd-4th - Fall/Winter Senior Musical Production


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Dance Classes

Pre-Ballet/Tap (PK/K)

This class is perfect for your young, aspiring stars who love to dance and sing along to their favorite songs! Students will creatively explore different stories and ideas through movement, clap and tap rhythms to learn basic music structure, and be encouraged to show off their individual styles! Students will master the skills of marches, skips, chassés, and simple stretches. This class will perform in the Spring Cabaret.

Ballet/Tap Level 1 (Elementary School students)

This class builds the fundamental skills that will help students with coordination, spatial awareness, and musical understanding. Through story and song, students will explore their own individual movements while also learning basic ballet, jazz, and tap fundamentals. Skills emphasized include small kicks and leaps, correct turnout from the hips, and fundamental ballet body positions. This class will perform in the Spring Cabaret.

Ballet/Tap Level 2 (Middle School students)

Students will receive half an hour of classical ballet instruction, building strength, flexibility, and turnout. Students will then switch over to Broadway tap. Unlike rhythm tap classes, Broadway tap is more stylized and lighter on the feet. Students will master important skills, such as maxifords, buffalos, time steps, bombershays, and drawbacks, all while understanding the crisp and clean Broadway style. This class will perform in the Spring Cabaret.

Tap 3 (High School students/Adults)

This class expands upon the skills learned in Tap 1 and 2 with more advanced steps, such as pullbacks, wings, and toe stands. Students will learn complex rhythm sequences that will enhance their musicality and prepare them for any Broadway tap number! This class will perform in the Spring Cabaret.

Beginner MS/HS Tap 

A beginning tap class for middle school and high school students that will give them the confidence and skills to tap in musicals! Students will learn important basics such as shuffles, flaps, buffalos, maxifords, and cramp rolls, as how to quickly pick up different rhythms. This class will perform in the Spring Cabaret.

Jazz/Hip Hop Level 1 (Elementary School students)

This high-energy, fun dance class teaches the basics of jazz, hip hop, and musical theater movement while exploring different funky styles. Students will learn important skills such as front and side kicks, jazz squares, pivot turns, single pirouettes, front leaps, six steps, and freezes, all while discovering the joy and energy of hip hop, pop, funk, and musical theater music. This class will perform in the Spring Cabaret.

Jazz/Hip Hop Level 1A (Middle School and Advanced Elementary students)

Jazz/Hip Hop 1A expands on the concepts explored in Jazz/Hip Hop 1 by pushing students to increase their strength, flexibility, musicality, and use of character and expression within their dancing. Dancers will learn pirouettes (singles and doubles), explore popping, locking, and isolations, master more advanced freezes, work on more difficult leaps and kicks, and expand their Broadway jazz repertoire. Students will perform in the Spring Cabaret.

Jazz 3 (High School students, or Middle School students who have completed Jazz/Hip Hop 1 and 2)

This class expands upon Levels 1 and 2 while exploring more advanced styles of movement. Students will learn important skills such as double and triple pirouettes, calypsos, axle jumps, fan kicks and illusions, and floorwork. Students will also focus on character work, exploring many different musicals throughout the course of the fall session. Each class will feature fun Broadway music! This class will perform in the Spring Cabaret.