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Infuse your child's summer with the Theatre ARTS! SUMMER 2014 will be filled with creativity and expression for rising 1st-8th graders. Can't wait to see you! Contact us today to register. Call 443-553-3412.

This year we will be holding our Summer Camp at Ridgewood Tennis and Swim Club, 808 James Doak Parkway, Greensboro, NC

Stagelights designs classes to meet the needs of it's students.  Whether preschoolers ready for their first dramatic arts experience, elementary students wanting to mount a production, or high-schoolers needing individual instruction there is SOMETHING for EVERYONE!  Contact us today!

Upcoming Sessions

   Session 1 – Wk 6/16-6/20

Robin Hood is back in Town

Robin Hood and his Merry Men are back to save the little people and enjoy a little chaos along the way!  Students will create a reimagined Sherwood forest complete with Maid Marion and her fellow ladies.  Will they all work together to outsmart the sheriff of Nottingham? Come see as we put our own twist on a classic adventure.  Learning Performance Friday, M-F, 9am-2pm, Tuition $165


   Session 2 – Wk 6/23 – 6/27

Musical Seuss

Campers will recreate scenes and songs from Broadway's Seussical, The Musical. Seuss was a genuis whose words and rhythms beg to be brought to life!


   Session 3- Wk 6/30 - 7/3 Mini Camp

Hip Hop Shakespeare



    Session 4 – Wk 7/28 - 8/1

Disney in Review


Session 5 Wk 8/4 - 8/8

Rockin and Rollin Broadway





Welcome to Stagelights Theater Company

 *Stagelights is accepting new students.  Lots of fun is on the way.  Don't wait, check out our Summer 2013 Class Schedule by clicking on the SESSIONS tab!*

Where dramatic arts meets play…

In this day and age we are determined to give our children every advantage in the areas of academics.  We ask a lot of kids daily.  Pay attention.  Do your work. Sit still.  Be neat.  Success only comes from hard work.  Well, we at STAGELIGHTS believe the ARTS provide a necessary balance in kid’s lives. We still offer the challenge of pulling a show together, memorizing lines, and working together.  But, we say get up and DANCE, make a MESS, Speak out LOUD, don’t wait to create MASTERPIECES! Color OUTSIDE the lines!  Be your own INDIVIDUAL!


Amazing Exploration

At STAGELIGHTS, we truly want to illuminate your child’s unique gifts.  Our lessons centered on fun and exploration.  Theater is a process and children have to feel comfortable to learn and progress.  Our camps feature fun weekly themes, but, we hold strong to our INSTRUCTION style, exposing kids to all the elements of stagecraft! They will explore characterization, improvisation, creative movement, vocal technique, comedic timing, puppetry and more within each camp session!  On the Friday of their weekly camp, students will put on a show- a LEARNING PERFORMANCE guaranteed to entertain and enlighten you!  Stagelights is one camp that will keep you and your child interested until the very last curtain call!